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10-year-old Tyler

Updated: Saturday, August 3, 2013 |
10-year-old Tyler  story image
(NEWSCHANNEL 3) – As you make plans for the upcoming summer, Newschannel 3 would like you to consider whether you have a little time in your life to make a huge impact on a local child.

We’re introducing you to 10-year-old Tyler, who’s looking for a big brother, and just maybe you’re looking for him.

10-year-old Tyler Sterk is a 4th grader at East Martin Christian school. He likes doing math problems, and while solving those problems is something Tyler can do by himself, finding him a big brother is where some help could be used.

Tyler’s a fun-loving kid, with many talents and lots of friends. He enjoys school and playing the trumpet.

“I like band and music and I like history,” said Tyler.

Tyler lives with his mother and younger brother, but he would like an older male role model in his life as he enters the sometimes tough middle school years. While Tyler lives in Martin, his big brother could live anywhere in West Michigan and his mom will help with the driving.

Tyler has a few ideas on what his ideal big brother would be like.

“He would like to play video games and he would be like 25,” said Tyler, “and he would like all the things I like.”

When Newschannel 3 said goodbye to Tyler, we knew we’d just met a very special kid who’s looking to meet a very special person with time in their life for him.

For more information about Tyler or Big Brothers Big Sisters, call the agency at 269-382-6800.

Newschannel 3 will be featuring a new local boy or girl every month on air in hopes of matching as many local kids as we can with big brothers or big sisters.