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Tristen and Jacob

Updated: Tuesday, August 6, 2013 |
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(NEWSCHANNEL 3) – As we continue our monthly Big Brothers Big Sisters series, Newschannel 3 is introducing two younger brothers, among the most outgoing we’ve met so far. They’re going out on a limb asking for their own big brother in the community to guide each of them through the years ahead.

12-year-old Tristen and 10-year-old Jacob Karaba make a good team. They’re both athletic and outgoing, completely compatible and yet completely unique.

Jacob is looking forward to the summer being over.

“I wish we could go back to school already, but we can’t because it’s summer break,” said Jacob. “I like science and social studies and math, but the best part about it, I’m good at math.”

Tristen likes school as well, but says he doesn’t mind waiting another month or so to start seventh grade.

“I like learning new stuff and like learning how to do multiplication and all that, and I also like science because you do scientific experiments,” said Tristen.

Both are good at sports, Tristen’s dream is to become a professional football or basketball player, and says he’ll fall back on science if he has to.

“It would probably be NASA,” said Tristen.

Yep, NASA is Tristen’s back-up plan, and Jacob dreams big too. They also share a common interest in wanting a big brother, their own big brother, maybe that big brother can be you.