Fatal Rollover accident has I-94 shutdown at exit 100 




The National Weather Service issues a DENSE FOG ADVISORY for all of West Michigan until 10 AM.  Many reports of dense fog already exist, and your visibility may become worse before noticeable improvements.  Recent rainfall, high moisture levels, especially near the ground, and light winds all combine to create fog.  Slowing down and increasing your stopping distance are a few ways to increase your safety while driving.  

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Philadelphia brewing company releases brainy brew

Updated: Wednesday, April 2, 2014
Philadelphia brewing company releases brainy brew story image
PHILADELPHIA (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A Philadelphia brewing company is releasing a beer that will truly go to your head.

The Dock Street Walker was specially brewed in honor of the post-apocalyptic zombie show 'The Walking Dead.'

But it's not the name or the concept that has got people shuffling and stumbling to get their hands on the brew--it's the not-so secret ingredient.

The American pale stout is made using smoked goat brains, and pitched cranberries for a bloody, sinister color.

The beer has become a no-brainer for the die-hard fans, and it's become so popular that the company is limiting two bottles per customer.

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