Apps for Black Friday

Updated: Monday, November 26 2012, 09:35 AM EST
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NEWSCHANNEL 3) - These days there's an app for just about everything. Black Friday is no exception.

More and more people seem to be ditching the paper ads and instead using their smart phones to find the best deals.

“Wherever you're at, you can click on your GPS location and find all the hottest deals around you when you use our Black FlyDay app,” says Iconosys COO, Ryan Foland.

Black FlyDay is an Android app that not only shows the best deals near you but also allows you to share them.

“If you ‘buzz a deal,’ you're able to add a location, indicate the store, the item and even take a picture of it so you can post it,” Foland says. “Now all the people that are linked with your Facebook and your friends, they'll be able to see the deal. It saves you time. It's going to save you money. And it helps you connect with other people that are excited about shopping.”

The iPhone is chock full of Black Friday apps as well. created an app that features ads sorted by store or category.

The Black Friday DealFinder app sorts by store, but also provides a special function for looking up the "most popular items" out there.

The Black Friday Survival Guide app highlights every deal at a particular store, both doorbusters and online deals.  To save you time, it also tells you when the sale actually starts.

“People are in love with their mobile devices,” Foland adds. “They're going to continue to buy them and use them. So we're going to continue to develop for it and create strategic relationships and awesome apps.”

All of the apps listed here are free for Black Friday shoppers.  To find the app that best suits you, check out the Android Market or the iPhone App Store.

Apps for Black Friday
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UNDATED (AP) --The Super Bowl of shopping has had an early start again this year, but most of the action is expected today.

Early numbers aren't out yet on how many shoppers headed to stores on Thanksgiving, but it's estimated that more than three times the number of people will venture out to shop on the day after the holiday known as Black Friday.

Overall, the National Retail Federation expected about 30 million to shop on Thanksgiving, compared with 99.7 million on Black Friday. A total of about 135.8 million people will be shopping during the full four-day weekend, compared with 133.7 million last year. And the retail association expects sales overall for November and December to rise 3.7 percent to $630.5 billion compared with the same period last year.

But people may not be in the mood to shop much this year. Unemployment has settled into a healthy 5 percent rate, but shoppers still grapple with stagnant wages that are not keeping pace with rising daily costs like rent. And years later, they still insist on the deep discounts they got used to retailers offering during the recession.


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TOKYO (AP) -- Japan's jobless rate fell to a 20-year low in October, but consumer spending and incomes also edged lower as the tight labor market failed to spur significant increases in wages.

The government reported Friday that unemployment in the world's No. 3 economy dipped to 3.1 percent in October, compared with a rate of 3.4 percent in September.

Consumer spending, meanwhile, fell 2.4 percent from the same month a year earlier, while average incomes fell 0.9 percent.

Japan's inflation rate also was lower in October, with core inflation excluding volatile food prices down 0.1 percent for the third month in a row.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has called for a 3 percent increase in the minimum wage to accelerate inflation by raising consumer demand through higher incomes.


MOSCOW (AP) -- Russia plans to retaliate against Turkey for the downing of a warplane by imposing sanctions, cutting economic ties and scrapping major investment projects.

Since the plane was shot down Tuesday in disputed circumstances on the Syria-Turkey border, Russia has restricted tourism, left Turkish trucks stranded at the border and announced the confiscation of large quantities of Turkish food imports.

On Thursday, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev (dih-MEE'-tree med-VYEH'-dyev) ordered his government to draft sanctions against Turkey within the next two days.

The sanctions are to include restrictions on deliveries of food and other products as well as labor and services.

Russia is the largest destination for Turkey's exports, and the two countries are bound by plans for a new gas pipeline and strong trade in food and tourism.

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The International Air Transport Association says the number of airline passengers is expected to double to 7 billion by 2034. That figure marks a decrease from a prior forecast of passengers totaling 7.4 billion in 2034, reflecting lower economic growth in China that will likely reduce demand for travel and potentially limit airplane orders for manufacturers Boeing and Airbus.

Despite the lower forecast, China is expected to add 758 million new passengers for a total of 1.2 billion flyers. Those gains would likely mean that China surpasses the United States as the world's largest passenger market by 2029.

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