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I-Team: Planet-Aid

Updated: Saturday, August 3, 2013 |
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(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - The Newschannel 3 I-Team tonight is looking into what you might need to know before you donate used clothing into one of those yellow boxes that have popped up all over the area.

The boxes are put out by the Boston based nonprofit, Planet-Aid, a group which has attracted criticism.

In fact, Charity Watch, a watchdog agency, gave the group an F grade for "misleading donors."

"We have given Planet-Aid a failing grade, an F rating for about 5 years now because of how little the charity spends on programs relative to fundraising and other programs," said a Charity Watch representative.

Laurie Styron, with Charity watch, said the company gives back just 34% of what it takes in to programs, and it found that Planet Aid sells much of what it collects, and nothing actually goes to help people in the U.S.

This makes Planet-Aid much different from nonprofits like Goodwill.

"We're all about helping people find work in the community, in the local community," said Denise King of Goodwill Southwest Michigan. "When you donate to our stores and shop in our stores, that's where we make the money to do these types of things."

Goodwill Southwest Michigan, which earns an A rating from Charity Watch said the yellow boxes haven't hurt donations yet, but worry they could.

There are other boxes that have popped up in the area, with other names on them, but you should always make sure the box says exactly where the donations will go before putting anything in.

We attempted to contact Planet-Aid for our report, but they have yet to call us back.
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