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Borgess Health Park to be 30 pct. more efficient than most facilities

Updated: Wednesday, April 23, 2014 |
Borgess Health Park to be 30 pct. more efficient than most facilities story image
BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - The Borgess Health Park in Battle Creek is under construction right now, but once it's finished, it iwll be 30 percent more efficient than most medical facilities.

Each room is equipped with sensors that detect body heat and motion, which means every time you enter a room, the lights will come on by themselves, and the air flow and temperature will be adjusted to be a comfortable setting; then when you leave, everything goes back to stand-by settings, using less electricity.

The elevators also utilize new technology that uses as much energy as a hair dryer, and will actually create energy on the way down, which goes back to the building.

The building itself is also entirely lit by LED lights.

According to spokesperson Eric Buzzell, the building will use 50 percent less energy than if they went with the cheaper, less efficient materials.

The Borgess Health Park will be officially open on June 9.
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