WINTER WEATHER ADVISORIES start shortly for all of West Michigan for an accumulation of snow followed by sleet and freezing rain and even plain rain.  The ADVISORIES last until 8 PM everywhere save for Berrien, Cass, St. Joe, and Branch counties where the expiration time is 1 PM.  Snowfall ranges from 1" to 3" near and south of I-96 including Kalamazoo.  North of I-96, amounts may be greater in a range from 2" to 4".  Once snow transitions to freezing rain, ice accumulations of 1/10" perhaps upwards of 2/10" are possible.  Plus, secondary and back roads are likely to remain icy even when air temperatures reach the middle 30s this afternoon.  Please be careful traveling!

Stay with for your weather today and always! 


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Pres. Obama looks to build support for Syrian strikes

Updated: Monday, September 1, 2014

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - President Obama is getting ready to head to Europe Tuesday.

He'll be consulting with allies about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the ISIS takeover in Iraq and Syria.

Right now, European leaders are considering more sanctions against Russia.

In Iraq, the U.S. expanded airstrikes against ISIS targets over the weekend, in order to drive the Sunni militants back from the town of Amirli.

President Obama sent a letter to Congress officially notifying lawmakers about U.S. military action in Iraq, but for some on Capitol Hill, the President isn't going far enough.

The White House plans to send Secretary of State John Kerry to the Middle East to build support for strikes in Syria.

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