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The National Weather Service in northern Indiana just issued a DENSE FOG ADVISORY for St. Joe and Branch counties until 10 AM.  Yesterday's rainfall, light winds overnight and this morning are the near perfect recipe for fog formation.  As of this writing, fog is already dense along the MI/IN line with visibilities near or below 1/4 mile.  Remember, you can't drive as fast in fog, and sometimes your ability to see will change rapidly.  

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Utah woman severely burned after drinking ice tea laced with cleaner

Updated: Friday, August 15, 2014

UTAH (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A Utah woman remains in critical condition with severe burns after sipping ice tea that was laced with a chemical used to clean cooking equipment.

"First words to her husband were I think I just drank acid," said Attorney Paxton Guymon.

According to an attorney for the victim, the tea was laced with a highly toxic cleaning solution that contained the odorless chemical lye.

A worker mistook the cleaner for sugar.

This happened at a fast food place on Sunday.

67-year-old Jan Harding is now in a Salt Lake City hospital's burn unit, unable to talk and fighting for her life.

She's shown no signs of improvement since the incident.

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