Young girl wakes to find stranger next to her

Updated: Friday, August 1, 2014
Young girl wakes to find stranger next to her story image

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A 7-year-old girl woke up to find a strange man lying next to her.

It happened early Thursday morning at a home on Charles Street Southeast in Grand Rapids.

Police are looking for that man

The girl's mother tells us at first she thought her daughter was talking about a bad dream she'd had, but when she came downstairs she says she smelled beer and knew the story wasn't her daughter's imagination.

It was 5:00am when 7-year-old Tiarii Freeman says a man came into her living room where she was sleeping.

"I was laying down, he came and put his arm around me," said Freeman.

Tiarri says she ran upstairs to tell her mother.

"I didnt know who he was so I was scared and I was crying," said Freeman.

Her mother, who didn't want to appear on camera, says she checked the locks on her doors around 1:00am.

She believes the man came in through a window.

"That's the only way he could have came through cause like every other door and window around the house was locked except this front window,” said the girl's mother.

Tiarri says the man told her he thought he was at his cousins house.

"He said, I'm sorry, I'm at the wrong house and then he kept asking for his cousin Johnny and then said this is not my cousin's house," said Freeman.

"What cousin's house do you just take it upon yourself, climb through the window, lay next to a little girl. I don't know what he was thinking," said her mother.

Right now the girl's mother says staying here Thursday night is out of the question for Tiarii

"She wanna know, is he coming back? Do I have to stay here tonight? My only concern is trying to move," said her mother.

She hopes police can figure out who the man is.

"If he laid down on that pillow the way my daughter said he did, DNA should come off of there,” said her mother. "He's most definitely going to regret coming in this house though, and I cant wait for the police to find him."

The girl says she didn't get a good look at the man because it was dark inside the home, but she says he was a black man, wearing shorts and black t-shirt.



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