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I-Team Waste Watch: Bridge Cards

Updated: Saturday, October 6, 2012 |
I-Team Waste Watch: Bridge Cards story image
GRANDVILLE, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Law enforcement and state investigators have been targeting stores that sell to Bridge Card holders illegally.

But now one lawmaker wants to go even farther.

In most cases officials say the stores will take a Bridge Card for banned merchandise like lottery tickets, alcohol and cigarettes.

It wastes millions of dollars intended for food.
And now Grandville area State Representative Dave Agema says he want to put even stronger deterrents in place and he's introduced legislation that targets stores and businesses.

"There's several stores we've caught already, more we will catch that are doing it.  Basically all the bill does is say if we catch you, you are convicted you lose your ability to sell lottery and alcohol," says Agema. 

He says if those license are taken away stores would lose two of their most valuable money makers, which will be a strong incentive to follow the law.

He says he expects some resistance from retailers but that the idea is common sense.

"I think the public understands that people on welfare, I.E. Bridge Cards should not be buying lottery tickets on a bridge card or alcohol, booze on a bridge card," says Agema.
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