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BBC radio employee stumbles through Mila Kunis interview

Updated: Wednesday, March 6 2013, 12:29 AM EST
BBC radio employee stumbles through Mila Kunis interview story image
(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - It's been dubbed the best interview ever.

A young BBC radio employee has been thrust into the spotlight after his first celebrity press junket.

25-year-old Chris Stark says he's not known for his movie knowledge, so his boss thought it would be funny to send him to talk to Mila Kunis at the last minute.

Instead of asking the star questions about her upcoming movie, Oz the Great and Powerful, he wound up going off into tangents about the local pub, his "boys," football, and even asked her to a friend's wedding.

The video instantly went viral.

Kunis says it was the best interview she had all day.
BBC radio employee stumbles through Mila Kunis interview
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Last Update on August 05, 2015 10:11 GMT


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- She felt her heart was in the right place -- trying to criticize Donald Trump's comments about immigration. But her words came out in a way that made it appear otherwise. Kelly Osbourne is apologizing for remarks she made on "The View" yesterday. Osbourne -- who's a guest co-host on the ABC show -- suggested if Latinos were expelled from the U.S., there'd be no one to clean Donald Trump's toilets. Osbourne was challenged by co-host Rosie Perez -- but she didn't issue an apology until hours later -- after people on social media began ripping her. In a statement, Osbourne said she was guilty of using a poor choice of words -- but says she isn't a racist. She also says in her statement that she cleans her own toilets.

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002-c-17-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP entertainment editor)-"is no racist"-Kelly Osbourne has apologized for remarks she made challenging Donald Trump's criticism of Mexican immigrants. (5 Aug 2015)

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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) -- Shonda Rhimes says it "wasn't easy or fun" to off Patrick Dempsey's character in "Grey's Anatomy." Dempsey played Dr. Derek Shepherd -- the brain surgeon nicknamed McDreamy. Rhimes -- who created the series -- says she had a tough choice: have Shepherd leave Meredith Gray and end their love story or have him killed, keeping their love intact until the end. She says the only way to keep the relationship true -- was for Derek to die. Rhimes is hinting that season 12 of "Grey's will have a lighter tone. The new season premieres Sept. 24.


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Some major life changes for Zooey Deschanel. She's now a wife and mom. A spokeswoman for the entertainer says Deschanel recently married Jacob Pechenik -- and gave birth to the couple's "beautiful, healthy" baby girl. How recently? We don't know -- because the rep isn't saying. It's Deschanel's first child and second marriage.


NEW YORK (AP) -- Imagine a jam session with Meryl Streep -- and Rick Springfield. It's how the two performers met each other, as they were getting ready to star together in the movie "Ricki and the Flash." The movie producers decided to have the two meet at a rental house so they could see how they hit it off. It worked. Springfield and Streep say they bonded over music -- and that helped them break the ice and help their chemistry on camera.

<<CUT ..009 (08/05/15)>> 00:08 "very nervous auditioner"

008-a-08-(Rick Springfield, singer, in AP interview)-"it was amazing"-Rick Springfield says it would have been awkward working with someone he was in awe of. (5 Aug 2015)

<<CUT ..008 (08/05/15)>> 00:08 "it was amazing"

007-a-14-(Rick Springfield, singer, in AP interview)-"broke the ice"-Rick Springfield says once he got over the shock of seeing Meryl Streep in person, they relaxed over music. (5 Aug 2015)

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NEW YORK (AP) -- Salma Hayek has a bit of advice for women facing their 40's: go for it. She's about to turn 49 -- and says the past decade has had some of the best years of her life. Hayek says she looks and feels better than she ever thought she would at her age. And she says what she's most proud of -- is that she got this far through her 40's without having to pump her face with Botox.

<<CUT ..011 (08/05/15)>> 00:10 "the different things"

013-a-12-(Salma Hayek, actress, in AP interview)-"adventure, the 40s"-Salma Hayek says emotionally the 40s have been satisfying for her. (5 Aug 2015)

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UNDATED (AP) -- The debut single of New York city based singer-songwriter Rachel Platten sends the message, "Don't give up."

The 34-year old spent a decade chasing her dream before "Fight Song," which has taken her to number 8 in the Billboard Hot 100.

The music video for "Fight Song" captures a little flavor of the chase: Platten juggling daytime temp jobs with gigs in the small hours of the morning, emailing small venues as her "agent" and hefting an 80-pound keyboard around.

Artists she credits with getting her through tough times include the late Eva Cassidy, whose music was only discovered by many fans after her death, at 33-years old.

She also turned to U2's 2000 album, "All That You Can't Leave Behind" during a difficult period of grief.

"Fight Song" is released in the U.K. August 21st.

<<CUT ..014 (08/05/15)>> 00:15 "with my life"

015-a-07-(Rachel Platten, singer, in AP interview)-"or four people"-Rachel Platten says she's played her share of small gigs, too. (5 Aug 2015)

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NEW YORK (AP) -- So, what is up with Louis C.K.? He has been hanging around New York City mayor Bill de Blasio (dih BLAH'-zee-oh) at a variety of events at City Hall and elsewhere. The New York Daily News reports he sat in on meetings dealing with mental health initiatives and city finances. Louis C.K. didn't let on as to why he's hanging around the mayor. The mayor isn't saying, either. Asked about the visits, de Blasio cracked that there is "a lot of comedy at City Hall." The Daily News says Louis C.K. is preparing for an upcoming project.


BURLINGTON, Vermont (AP) -- Pierce Brosnan has come out on the short end of an encounter with airport security personnel. Police in Vermont say the actor who played James Bond for years was stopped at a security checkpoint because he was carrying a knife. It wasn't a big deal; Brosnan was allowed to proceed after the matter was resolved. And police in Burlington, Vermont say they have no report on the incident -- because police aren't called out to deal with such things. A publicist for the actor hasn't returned messages seeking comment.