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Interview: Star from 'Hair'

Updated: Tuesday, February 26 2013, 08:53 AM EST
Interview: Star from
KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - The Tony Award winning production of "Hair" starts Tuesday night at Kalamazoo's Miller Auditorium.

The musical broke new ground in musical theater by defining the genre of "rock musical."
We were joined Tuesday morning by Brian Crawford Scott and he plays Berger.

Interview: Star from 'Hair'
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Last Update on May 06, 2015 07:15 GMT


WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (AP) -- It isn't just fans who are excited about the current season of "Scandal." Kerry Washington says the plot twists and turns are sometimes more than she can "handle." She says when she read the script for tomorrow's finale, she looked up at creator Shonda Rhimes thinking, "this is nuts!" Washington says it's something that she and other cast members are still excited about story lines even as the series wraps up its fourth season.

Kerry Washington says she feels the fourth season of "Scandal" broke new ground. (Refers to series creator Shonda Rhimes)

<<CUT ..003 (05/06/15)>> 00:14 "into those places"

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington says "Scandal" creator Shonda Rhimes has skillfully addressed racial issues in season four.

<<CUT ..004 (05/06/15)>> 00:12 "not believe it"

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington says episode 409, when she was kidnapped, put her through some changes.

<<CUT ..005 (05/06/15)>> 00:16 "of an episode"

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington says she couldn't believe the way the season four finale turned out.

<<CUT ..006 (05/06/15)>> 00:19 "me a lesson"

Kerry Washington and others

Here's a bit of a scene featuring Kerry Washington of "Scandal."


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Christina Aguilera says she wishes she could have kept them both. But, of course, she couldn't. Two members of Team Christina were in the bottom two on "The Voice" last night, India Carney and Kimberly Nichole. They both sang for the instant Twitter save, with India coming out on top. She moves into the Top 5 and will sing again next week. Each coach is represented by at least one singer. Team Pharrell has two, Koryn Hawthorne and Sawyer Fredericks.

Christina Aguilera says it's a shame one member of her team has to go. COURTESY: NBC ((mandatory on-air credit))

<<CUT ..009 (05/06/15)>> 00:14 "to the semifinals"

Carson Daly

Host Carson Daly announces the results of the instant Twitter vote. COURTESY: NBC ((mandatory on-air credit))


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- There was no big surprise in last night's double elimination on "Dancing With the Stars." "Shark Tank's" Robert Herjavec and "The Bachelor's" Chris Soules have been voted off. They both have been at, or near, the bottom of the judges' leaderboard all season. But Herjavec maybe leaving the show with something -- a relationship with pro partner Kym Johnson. Host Tom Bergeron suggests Herjavec might have won someone's heart. But Herjavec wouldn't say.

Host Tom Bergeron announces the second eliminaion this week. COURTESY: BBC Worldwide Limited and American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. ((mandatory on-air credit))

<<CUT ..012 (05/06/15)>> 00:13 "it's been life-changing"

Chris Soules, contested voted off

Chris Soules says being in a dance competition is a new experience for him. COURTESY: BBC Worldwide Limited and American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. ((mandatory on-air credit))


NEW YORK (AP) -- Paul Shaffer is in denial. With David Letterman retiring in a matter of weeks, his bandleader says some on the staff are pretending there won't be a last show. Shaffer has been with Letterman for all of the host's 33 years in late night TV. Shaffer says he feels a mix of emotions but is "mainly grateful" for the opportunities the show has given him. Letterman signs off for good May 20.

Late Show bandleader Paul Shaffer says he feels a mix of emotions at the end of a 33-year run on late night TV.

<<CUT ..015 (05/06/15)>> 00:14 "opportunity to do"

Paul Shaffer (SHAY'-fuhr), bandleader, The Late Show With David Letterman

Late Show bandleader Paul Shaffer says he won't disappear after Letterman's show goes off the air.


ATLANTA (AP) -- Imagine driving at 107 miles per hour -- after hitting the brakes. That's what police near Atlanta say an actor who stars as the priest in "The Walking Dead" was doing before he got pulled over. Authorities have charged Seth Gilliam with speeding and reckless driving. He was also written up for drug possession and drunken driving. A police report says a joint was found in Gilliam's car, which reeked of pot. They also say Gilliam acknowledged having three beers and a shot of booze before getting behind the wheel.


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Oh, say, can you sing? Jamie Foxx says he can, thank you -- and that people ripping him online have gone too far. Foxx has drawn fire on social media after he did the national anthem at the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight this past Saturday. Foxx says those people are out of line. He tells "Entertainment Tonight" the initial reaction was positive; Denzel Washington and others told him he did well. After hearing the critics, Foxx says he went back and listened to the tape. He says his singing was a hair off -- because his earpiece fell out and he couldn't hear the organ music properly.


NEW YORK (AP) -- You'd think a serious bike accident that required multiple surgeries and laid a person up for months would be no joking matter. But that's not how Jimmy Fallon and Bono think. They have been spotted on bikes for a comedy bit spoofing the accident that forced U2 to cancel a weeklong run on the "Tonight" show. The group will make up for its absence when it does Fallon's show on Friday as the only guests.


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- "Rapper's Delight" was already a hit when Ellen Albertini Dow performed a raunchy take of it in "The Wedding Singer." But her version took the song to another level. Dow has died. She was 101 -- and her agent says she died Monday. She had a rich life in academia and theater -- but became known to a younger generation because of the foul mouthed characters she played in movies like "Wedding Crashers," "Road Trip" and "54."