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WINTER WEATHER ADVISORIES remain for Kalamazoo, Van Buren, St. Joe, Branch, Allegan, Barry, Ottawa, Kent, Muskegon, Oceana, and Newaygo counties until 7 AM Friday.  Lake effect snow, heavy at times, drops 4" to 8+" of snow through Friday morning.  Approaching 10" or more are possible in some cities.  Westerly winds gusting to 35 mph create blowing and drifting snow, especially in open areas.   

Ionia, Eaton, and Calhoun counties have been added to our existing WINTER WEATHER ADVISORIES; expiration time is 7 PM tonight.  Snowfall totals of 1" to 4+" are possible.  

WINTER STORM WARNINGS remain in Berrien, Cass counties until 4 AM Friday for in excess of 6" of snow.  As of this point, snow has been sparse; WARNINGS may be revised.

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Jon Stewart leaving show to direct movie

Updated: Wednesday, March 6 2013, 08:26 AM EST
Jon Stewart leaving show to direct movie story image
(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Many Daily Show fans will be bummed out by this story.

Host Jon Stewart is taking some time off from the show to produce and direct a movie.

The movie's called "Rosewater" and it's based on a book by an Iranian journalist who was falsely accused of being a spy and imprisoned by the Iranian government during the 2009 election.

Stewart wrote the screenplay. He will leave the Daily Show in June and won't return until just after Labor Day.

During his absence another face on the Daily Show, John Oliver, will fill the anchor chair.

Jon Stewart leaving show to direct movie
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Entertainment News

Last Update on November 20, 2014 08:13 GMT


NEW YORK (AP) -- The fallout continues over the allegations of sexual assault against Bill Cosby. Some of the companies that had looked to make money off him -- are now finding him poison. NBC has yanked the plug on a proposed reboot of a sitcom featuring him as a lovable dad. Netflix has declined to air a Cosby comedy special that was to be shown next week. And now, TV Land has pulled reruns of his old NBC show, effective immediately. All this comes shortly after another woman has come forward to claim the comedian tried to have his way with her after giving her alcohol and a drug. Though Cosby has never been charged in any case, other women have made similar claims. His attorney has dismissed the latest claim, from Janice Dickinson, as "false" and "outlandish."


NORRISTOWN, Pa. (AP) -- The Pennsylvania prosecutor who investigated a claim of sexual assault against Bill Cosby didn't file charges in the case. Now, former Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor says he thought Cosby should have been arrested -- but felt he couldn't prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. Castor also says he thinks Cosby lied when he said he did nothing improper. Castor says he's speaking out more forcefully now because he didn't want to taint a lawsuit back then. Cosby and the woman later settled the case.

Bruce Castor says he thought Bill Cosby was far from innocent in the sexual assault case brought before him.

<<CUT ..003 (11/20/14)>> 00:11 "I still do"

Bruce Castor

Bruce Castor says he didn't buy Bill Cosby's story that he did nothing wrong.

<<CUT ..004 (11/20/14)>> 00:20 "very narrow line"

Bruce Castor

Bruce Castor says he expressed his thoughts on the case clearly at the time. ((note length of cut))

<<CUT ..005 (11/20/14)>> 00:18 "that Cosby's guilty"

Bruce Castor

Bruce Castor says he held his tongue on the case at the time so as not to interfere with a civil case filed over the incident. ((note length of cut))

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NEW YORK (AP) -- He started out trying to cover the Bill Cosby story. But now CNN's Don Lemon has become part of it. And not in a good way, either. The CNN personality is the subject of an onslaught of online criticism after his interview with one of the women who have come forward to accuse the comedian of sexual assault. During the Tuesday interview, Joan Tarshis said Cosby forced her to perform oral sex. Lemon suggested she might have been able to ward off the attack by "biting" Cosby. Lemon has since apologized -- but that hasn't stopped him from being a trending topic on Twitter most of yesterday. The hashtag "donlemonreports" yields loads of, shall we say, biting take-offs of Lemon's gaffe, suggesting a series of news stories that "Lemon" would have blamed those affected by news events.

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LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Morgan Freeman and Bono have a lot to say about the international response to the Ebola crisis -- and they are doing so by saying nothing. In the video posted online yesterday, the stars stare silently into a camera. The message: they are waiting for world leaders to step up in the fight against Ebola. The disease has killed more than 5,000 people in West Africa. The producers of the two-minute video say the longer the inaction, the more deadly the disease will become.


ATLANTA (AP) -- There has been a settlement in the case of a film worker killed in a train wreck while shooting a movie about musician Gregg Allman. The family of camera assistant Sarah Jones has reached an out-of-court settlement with several companies. Jones was killed the first day of filming for a movie about Allman in February. A statement from a law firm says CSX freight railroad and Meddin Studios are still listed as defendants in the case.


GARDINER, N.Y. (AP) -- Robert De Niro lost a battle over the assessment of his property in New York State. And now, the actor will also lose out on a large chunk of change. He will reimburse the Hudson Valley town of Gardiner, located about 70 miles north of New York City. He will pay $130,000 -- the town's share of costs to fight De Niro's challenge to the assessment. The town said the 98-acre property is assessed at $6 million, while the trust that owns the compound felt it was only worth $4 mil. De Niro decided to drop his appeal to the case, which the town won in June.


MILAN (AP) -- Adrien Brody has often gotten attention for his acting. Now, he's getting some attention for his facial hair. He is currently sporting a beard -- for his latest movie role. He plays Charles V in "Emperor." Brody says he is "Charles V by day, Adrien Brody by night." He even apologized for the beard during an appearance in Milan. But he needn't have -- since whiskers have caught on in the fashion capital of Europe.