Mattel, Sports Illustrated launch 'unapologetic' campaign

Updated: Thursday, February 13 2014, 11:36 PM EST
Mattel, Sports Illustrated launch
(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Two brands that have been criticized for contributing to unhealthy expectations of beauty in girls say they're not sorry.

#unapologetic is a promotional campaign spurred by Mattel ahead of the 50th anniversary edition of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue.

Barbie graces the cover, in a new version of the black and white swimsuit she wore when introduced in 1959.

The campaign has sparked a fresh round of criticism across social media, with many people saying it's taking the objectification of women to new heights.
Mattel, Sports Illustrated launch 'unapologetic' campaign
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LOS ANGELES (AP) -- "Tomorrowland" may have a bleak future. The movie, as expected, ended up at the top of the box office list over the long holiday weekend. Usually that's good news. But the not-so-good news for Disney is the small haul it took in. The four-day total is just under $41.7 million -- barely a dent in retiring the $180 million it cost to put it on the big screen. It was also below what Disney forecast for the movie, which opened on a weekend where there was little competition. What's more, "Tomorrowland" barely eked out a win over the number two movie, the holdover hit, "Perfect Pitch 2."

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NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (AP) -- He has a host of legal issues. But now, an attorney for Aaron Hernandez says the former New England Patriots player has money woes, too. The lawyer says Hernandez is running out of money -- because he has had to pay so many lawyers. He was recently convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. He also faces two other trials -- including a double murder case. Hernandez is also being sued by the family of the man he's convicted of murdering. The family of Odin (OH'-din) Lloyd is trying to track down the ex-football star's assets.