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Trending: Harlem Shake

Updated: Thursday, February 14 2013, 08:51 AM EST
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(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Taking a look at what's trending Thursday morning, move over Gangnam Style, there's a new dance taking the internet by storm.

It's called the Harlem Shake. It starts with the music slow and someone in a mask dancing and then all heck breaks out.

We've seen firefighters doing it, whole families, even folks underwater.

Even news crews are getting in on the action...

Trending: Harlem Shake
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NEW YORK (AP) -- Melissa Rivers says no family should have to go through what she, her son -- and her mom -- went through. So she has filed a lawsuit against the clinic where Joan Rivers was being treated when she lost consciousness last year. The malpractice suit against Yorkville Endoscopy suggests doctors treating the E! Fashion Police star were careless, cocky -- and incompetent. Among other things, the suit claims the doctors botched the endoscopy and performed another medical procedure on Rivers' vocal cords without consent. The suit also says the doctors snapped a selfie with Rivers while she was still under -- and were slow to respond when her condition deteriorated. Rivers died a week after she was taken unconscious from the clinic to a hospital.

AP Entertainment Editor Oscar Wells Gabriel reports Joan Rivers' daughter has sued Yorkville Endoscopy, where her mother was treated before her death last summer.

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Oscar Wells Gabriel

AP Entertainment Editor Oscar Wells Gabriel reports Joan Rivers' death wasn't directly tied to the alleged negligence at the Yorkville Endoscopy facility.


LONDON (AP) -- Benedict Cumberbatch is offering no excuses -- he says he was simply an "idiot" to refer to blacks and other minorities as "colored." The Oscar-nominated actor uttered the word in an interview with Tavis Smiley on PBS. Cumberbatch said -- quoting here -- "as far as colored actors go," there are more opportunities in the U.S. than Britain. While the actor said the situation is "something that needs to change" -- his choice of words to describe minorities blunted those sentiments for some. While the term isn't considered inherently racist, it was widely used to described blacks in this country during the pre-civil rights era when there were separate public accommodations for blacks and whites -- supported by both custom and law.

AP Entertainment Editor Oscar Wells Gabriel reports Oscar nominee Benedict Cumberbatch used an outdated racial term in discussing diversity in movies during a PBS TV appearance.


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Aside from Jennifer Lopez's latest movie, it wasn't the best weekend to be a brand new offering at the multiplex. Jennifer Lopez's "The Boy Next Door" finished a distant second to "American Sniper," which ruled the box office for the second straight weekend. Two other major releases failed to crack the top 5. The animated fantasy movie "Strange Magic" landed in seventh place, while the latest Johnny Depp flop, "Mortdecai" was in ninth place.