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Custom Shoe fitting and repair since 1973

  • Why a Custom Orthotic

    Why a Custom Orthotic

    Do you suffer from foot, knee, hip, or lower back pain? If so, a custom orthotic will help reduce pain, wear, and stress from these areas. Custom orthotics are tailored to meet any individual's needs. Utilizing the latest software and technology available, Corey's is able to alleviate your pains.

    Our feet are the only parts of our body that contact the ground. Isn't it important they are able to do their job as effectively as possible? A custom orthotic is fabricated to help with the alignment of the foot and the body to aid in daily activities or specific activities. Custom orthotics are able to increase performance of the body as a whole and are often used in sports, as they are able to increase our body's efficiency. Every foot is different, similar to our fingerprints. This is why over-the-counter-options do not compare to properly made custom orthotics. Grand Rapids, MI, residents and residents from across Western Michigan travel to our offices in Kalamazoo to experience the difference.


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