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Dentures made especially for you.

  • Four Steps To A New Smile!

    Four Steps To A New Smile!

    Denture Care Clinic -

    Fabrication of your new dentures will be accomplished in 4 steps. We do our best to provide you with customized dentures made especially for you.

    Consultation and Impressions: Impressions of your mouth are taken.

    Wax Bite: Measurements taken of your face and mouth to assess how your upper and lower jaws relate to each other. Wax rims are used to hold your models in place and record the measurements.

    Try In: The teeth, which have been arranged in the wax rim, are ready for you to preview. It is important that YOU check the look, feel, and bite of the teeth. Color, shape and size of the teeth are evaluated as well.  It is during this appointment we reccomend you bring a freind or loved one for another opinion on how the teeth look.

    Delivery: Our lab uses state-of -the-art techonology to process your new dentures, and the result is a denture that will provide you a nice smile for many years.

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