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Police trying to identify body as Dorner

Updated: Thursday, February 14 2013, 08:42 AM EST
 Police trying to identify body as Dorner story image
CALIFORNIA (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Investigators in California are still trying to determine whether a body found in a burned out home following a deadly shootout is in fact Christopher Dorner.

Dorner is accused of killing four people, two of them law enforcement officers.

The killing spree finally ended when Dorner barricaded himself in a cabin near the town of Big Bear and held a four-hour shootout with police.

A deputy was killed during that shootout and the cabin Dorner was hiding in eventually caught on fire.

Police did shoot tear gas into the cabin, but say they did not intentionally set it on fire to try and force Dorner out.

Before the deadly standoff Dorner had taken a couple hostage in their home. They're now speaking about that terrifying ordeal.

"We're very happy to be alive and that the rest of our family is safe," said Karen Reynolds. "I didn't wish him dead, though at any point. I really didn't. I prayed for him a lot and I'm praying for his family now.”

We'll continue to follow this as police work to identify the body believed to be Dorner.


Police trying to identify body as Dorner
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