3 dead in Vegas following fiery crash

Updated: Thursday, February 21 2013, 07:55 PM EST
3 dead in Vegas following fiery crash story image
LAS VEGAS (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Three people are dead in Las Vegas, following a shooting and a fiery multi-car accident.

Officers say someone in a black Range Rover opened fire on the Vegas strip.

The apparent target was a Maserati, which smashed into a taxi.

The crash ignited a fireball that killed three people and injured six.

The driver of the Maserati was killed, along with a taxi driver and a passenger in the cab.

Investigators believe an altercation at a hotel prompted the attack.

Police are still searching for the Range Rover, which still had paper license plates.

They're checking out-of-state agencies in California, Arizona, and Utah in the search for leads.
3 dead in Vegas following fiery crash
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