5-year-old racks up $2,500 in iPad add-ons

Updated: Saturday, March 2 2013, 11:52 AM EST
5-year-old racks up $2,500 in iPad add-ons story image
(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A 5-year-old boy from the U.K. rang up a $2,500 bill in just ten minutes.

He spent it in a free game he downloaded off of iTunes.

He'd gotten his parents permission and password to download the free game, Zombies versus Ninjas on their iPad.

However, what mom and dad didn't know was that you don't need to enter the password again during the game, which allowed their son to accidentally buy dozens of add-ons.

None of them knew what had happened until they got an invoice from Apple the next day.

Apple is now refunding their money.
5-year-old racks up $2,500 in iPad add-ons
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