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Calif. students film teacher allegedly stealing

Updated: Wednesday, February 27 2013, 07:34 PM EST
Calif. students film teacher allegedly stealing story image
LINDEN, Calif. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A group of California high school students decided to take things into their own hands, after money went missing from their backpacks during gym class.

Student Justine Betti decided to hide inside a locker to find the culprit.

What she found was a very popular teacher--and 30-year veteran at the school--going through student's backpacks and taking money.

Betti hid herself in the locker a second time, holding a phone video camera.

She then took her evidence to the principal.

"He said that he'll investigate it, and he told us to delete the video, but I had already sent it to my dad," Betti said.

The teacher is now on administrative leave while the school district and police look into the case.
Calif. students film teacher allegedly stealing
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