Hagel optimistic on deal with Afghanistan

Updated: Sunday, March 10 2013, 06:30 PM EDT
Hagel optimistic on deal with Afghanistan story image
JALALABAD, Afghanistan (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - United States Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says he's optimistic that American officials can work things out with Afghan leaders, even in light of the suicide bombings.

Hagel made his first trip to Afghanistan as Defense Secretary this weekend.

On the first morning of his trip, two suicide bombings killed at least 19 people, including a U.S. contractor.

A Taliban spokesman says the attacks were a warning to Hagel.

Hagel is now expected to meet with Afghan President Karzai, who ordered the U.S. forces to leave the province just outside Kabul because of allegations that Afghans working with the commandos were involved in abusive behavior and torture.

U.S. officials are denying the allegations.
Hagel optimistic on deal with Afghanistan
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