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Pittsburgh man finds scorpion in box of bananas

Updated: Friday, June 20 2014, 01:22 PM EDT
Pittsburgh man finds scorpion in box of bananas story image
PITTSBURGH, Pa. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A Pittsburgh man shopping in Wal-Mart found more than a bargain.

While browsing through a box of bananas, he says he felt a pinch.

"I yanked my arm out and flung it, and this scorpion flopped to the ground," he said. "I was standing there in disbelief looking and there was another shopper there and people started to converge, and sure enough it was a scorpion."

The man said he threw a lid over the scorpion and quickly killed it.

He wasn't seriously injured and double checked with a doctor to make sure he would be okay.

A person from the fruit company where the bananas came from said they couldn't believe a scorpion could even survive a long journey in a box of bananas.

The man says Wal-Mart has offered to pay for his medical bills.

He also says he'll think twice before reaching his hand into a box of bananas again.
Pittsburgh man finds scorpion in box of bananas
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