Alamo leaders need more time on noise ordinance

Updated: Tuesday, February 26 2013, 09:08 AM EST
Alamo leaders need more time on noise ordinance story image
ALAMO TOWNSHIP, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Alamo Township leaders say they need more time to discuss a controversial noise ordinance proposal.

“I feel this ordinance is a hasty attempt by the board to ram a solution down the throats of Alamo Township residents in order to satisfy personal agendas,” said one resident.

Hundreds of people showed up Monday night at the township board meeting. Most of them spoke out against the plan, which could drive the Kalamazoo Speedway out of business.

It's a story we've been following closely for weeks.

The township board listened to two hours of public comment Monday night and they agreed to a meeting with of owner of the speedway, to come up with an plan on how they will enforce the noise ordinance.

Meanwhile, speedway owner Gary Howe says he's already working to reduce noise at the track.

The line for public comment circled the Alamo Elementary gym.

The ordinance bans any loud noise after 11:00 pm and bans noise louder than 82 decibels at all times.

Almost everyone at the meeting spoke out against the ordinance except for a few people who claim the noise is a nuisance. 

“The levels recommended would not allow me to blow my leaves, mow my yard or repair the shingles on my house with an air nailer without asking for a permit, which you could then charge me for,” said one resident.

“When I have to go in my house and roll up all my windows close them all up, turn the TV way up because it does go past 11 o clock, booo,” said another.

Speedway owner Gary Howe spoke in opposition to the ordinance, saying it's not fair for the rest of the township.

“Yeah we make some noise, we no doubt make some noise. D Avenue is packed with traffic, I don't know of any other businesses that do more for your township than we do,” said Howe.

Nothing was set in stone Monday night. What the board agreed to was a meeting with the speedway and the planning commission on March 5th to talk about ways to reduce noise.

The speedway's owner says he is already working to do that. He will make cars install special mufflers, even reducing practice days by 75-percent.

Once they come to an agreement, the speedway has a year to comply with any new regulations.

Alamo leaders need more time on noise ordinance
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