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Apartment puts up fence to keep out unwanted guests

Updated: Thursday, February 28 2013, 08:42 AM EST
Apartment puts up fence to keep out unwanted guests story image
OSHTEMO TOWNSHIP, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - After years of issues at an Oshtemo Township apartment complex, the owners are taking extreme measures to keep unwanted guests out.

A tall gate has gone up within the last few weeks. It's still open now, but by this spring the entrance to Copper Beech will be closed off and will have an armed guard to check people in and out.

There have been a series of violent incidents, including shootings and fights at the apartments.

After working with the sheriff's department and the township, managers decided to install a gate and are in the process of putting up nine foot fence around the entire property on KL Avenue.

The gate will be manned by an armed guard at night and the guard will check guests in.

The manager of the complex tells us the majority of the violence that has happened at Copper Beech is the result of unwanted guests coming in.

"Anything extraneous and major that had happened here has not been an tenant, they have all been outside people that have come in looking to start problems or looking to cause an issue and its that that we're trying to completely stop in its tracks," said Copper Beach Property Manager Amanda Beaudoin.

Copper Beech hopes to have the full fence up by the end of the spring. That is when the gate will be locked at night.

The apartment manager tells us this is one of many steps they are taking to make the complex more safe. They are also evicting tenants who violate their party code and educating residents about ways to safely live in college apartments.

Apartment puts up fence to keep out unwanted guests
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