Attorney General's office denied request to look into BCPD

Updated: Friday, February 15 2013, 07:12 PM EST
Attorney General
BATTLE CREEK (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – Exclusive details in the drunk driving case against a Battle Creek Police officer.

William Gensch is accused of crashing another off-duty officer’s car back in July.

Instead of taking either of them to jail, police drove both of them home.

The prosecutor dropped a felony and misdemeanor charge against Gensch, but he’s still charged with drunk driving.

It was a Newschannel 3 viewer who lives in Kalamazoo who filed the complaint. While she wouldn’t go on camera, she wants everyone to see her request and the AG’s response.

Deanna Bell says after she saw our report this summer, and county prosecutor dropping several charges against officer William Gensch, she went online and filed a complaint to AG Bill Schuette’s office.

In the complaint, she wrote, “So everyone in Battle Creek when driving drunk get taken home? God forbid they killed anyone. This makes me sick.

Bell showed us the letter in the mail she received Thursday from the attorney general’s office, stating the local law enforcement agency, meaning Battle Creek Police, has its own internal investigation process, and to contact the county attorney.

Bell says that response is not good enough.

We reached out to the attorney general’s office Friday. Their media contact sent us a statement:

"The case involving Battle Creek officer Gensch is already being handled by the Calhoun County Prosecutor, and it is our practice to defer to local authorities, when appropriate."

Gensch pleaded not guilty to an OWI charge.

This is not the only complaint submitted to the DA’s office, regarding an investigation into Battle Creek Police.

Last year a city commissioner forwarded a number of complaints to the AG, including police misconduct and practices on how they hire within.

That investigation request was also denied.Attorney General's office denied request to look into BCPD
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