Barry Co. man accused of stalking ex

Updated: Wednesday, March 6 2013, 12:25 AM EST
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HASTINGS, Mich. (NEWCHANNEL 3) - 82 calls in 72 hours sounds like a lot, but should it lead to the arrest of a father who claims all he wants to do is see his son?

On Saturday, Hastings Police arrested 23-year-old Tim Purdum, after his ex-girlfriend went to police to file harassment charges.

82 calls is a lot, but Purdum was only charged with two misdemeanors--1 for stalking, and 1 for possession of marijuana--which he says belongs to his father, who is a medical marijuana user.

For some reason, his bail was set at $20,000.

His family says it can't understand why, saying that simply bailing him out nearly broke the bank.

Hastings Deputy Chief Jeff Pratt said the alleged victim reported the harassment on Saturday, but that there were no physical threats made.

The alleged victim spoke to Newschannel 3 but declined to participate in the story.

Purdum himself, the victim's ex, agreed to talk.

He told Newschannel 3 that he felt as though "she wasn't going to let me see my kid."

Purdum says his ex answered once, on Friday, to tell him to stop calling.

He says that after 5 years, he and his ex have a 3-year-old and a second child due in April.

Purdum claims he has never been in trouble for any abuse and has no police record, which checks out.

Still, he claims that since the relationship ended in October, his ex has been controlling where and when he can see his son.

Police say she has filed several complaints, and when Purdum called her on Saturday, she was actually at the police station to report the harassment.

The call was answered by an officer, who told him he was stalking her, and that he had to stop.

"He told the officer no, and that eventually, he was going to have contact with her," Deputy Chief Pratt said.

In fact, Purdum showed up at the police station.

Purdum was arrested on the spot, and charged with two misdemeanors.

He says he and his ex have been working with Friend of the Court to try and work out a custody arrangement, but it hasn't happened yet.

He's due back in court March 12th.
Barry Co. man accused of stalking ex
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