BC Central student trainer removed after sexual misconduct allegations

Updated: Wednesday, February 27 2013, 09:03 AM EST
BC Central student trainer removed after sexual misconduct allegations story image
BATTLE CREEK (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – Michigan State Police confirmed only to Newschannel 3 tonight, they’re investigating accusations of criminal sexual conduct between a physical trainer and Battle Creek Central High School student.

All of that misconduct is believed to have taken place on school grounds. This physical trainer is a graduate student at Western Michigan University, contracted to work at Battle Creek Central.

“This is not a one instance situation and allegedly it happened many times,” said Det. Lt. Chuck Christensen, of the Michigan State Police.

Within the past week Battle Creek Police handed over an investigation to Michigan State Police. It began when a concerned parent told them her child’s friend shared details about an inappropriate relationship with a Battle Creek Central physical trainer.

“The student and trainer came in contact with each other through the job the trainer was doing within the school,” said Christensen.

Detectives Discovered that alleged inappropriate contact took place on school grounds within the past month.

State Police immediately told the school what was happening.

The superintendent tells Newschannel 3: "The District has been informed of the allegations and responded to the situation by making student safety our number one priority.  Additionally, we are working cooperatively with law enforcement."

Western Michigan University confirms the suspect is a graduate student at the university. He was contracted to work at the school through a program at WMU. This program gives graduates the chance to work inside schools like Battle Creek Central. A media spokesperson for WMU says the graduate student has been removed from the high school and they are watching very closely to see if charges will be filed.

The name of the suspect is not being released because no official charges have been filed.
BC Central student trainer removed after sexual misconduct allegations
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