Constantine woman seeking 'justice for Boo'

Updated: Thursday, March 7 2013, 11:48 PM EST
Constantine woman seeking
CONSTANTINE, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A St. Joseph County woman is finally getting the justice she's been waiting for, after her dog was shot and killed three months ago.

Kim Landrum thought her case was getting swept under the rug by the St. Joseph County Prosecutor's Office, and that no suspect was going to be arrested for shooting and killing her pet.

An animal rescue group says these shootings are becoming more common throughout the county.

For three months, Landrum has been seeking 'Justice for Boo,' saying her dog was like a best friend who helped her get through her brother's death.

Of course, there was shock and disgust when she found out her 5-year-old dog was shot and killed, and that no one would be punished.

Landrum showed Newschannel 3 photos of what she called her gentle pitbull, and remembered the phone call from her son that fateful day.

Boo was shot and killed on Thanksgiving day, running with another dog in a field in White Pigeon.

The man who shot him, claims he saw Boo chasing a deer.

At first, no charges were filed, as the prosecutor believed there was some question of just cause.

Just a few days ago, however, he sent a letter to Landrum, saying that the earlier decision had been reversed, and that Dallas Barnhart is now being charged with killing/torturing the animal.

The Animal Rescue Fund, a Three Rivers-based group, says it's one example of what it's calling an alarming increase in the number of severe animal cruelty and neglect cases in St. Joseph County.

Last week, they responded to a dead dog in Burr Oak, who was shot and killed, then left in a field for 3-4 weeks.

"It seems like there's a lot of anger in the county," said Tom Molter, with the Animal Rescue Fund. "And it seems like a lot of people take it out on their animals."

For her part, Landrum is trying to keep Boo's story and spirit alive, hoping that her dogs, and others, won't die in vain.

The Animal Rescue Fund is offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to the conviction of the person who shot and killed the cocker spaniel-mix in Burr Oak.

The group is urging everyone to report any signs of animal cruelty.
Constantine woman seeking 'justice for Boo'
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