Gas prices continue to rise

Updated: Wednesday, February 20 2013, 08:43 AM EST
Gas prices continue to rise story image
NEWSCHANNEL 3 - Gas prices are surging sooner and faster than ever before this year.

AAA reports the national average is $3.75 as of Wednesday morning.  That’s up 45 cents from last month.

Gas in Kalamazoo averages $3.87, higher than the national average, according to

And prices are expected to keep getting worse.

Experts say gas should continue going up at least five cents a week until early April.

We could see prices at the pump at an all-time high this spring, 20 to 50 cents higher than they are right now.
In fact, in Southern California gas is already nearly $5.20 per gallon.
Prices are expected to remain the highest in California, the Midwest and the Northeast.

Gas prices typically climb from February through Memorial Day.

Gas prices continue to rise
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