Grieving mom seeks return of items from son's grave site

Updated: Friday, June 20 2014, 06:46 PM EDT
Grieving mom seeks return of items from son
GALESBURG, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A West Michigan mom who lost her son to cancer can't believe what's happened at his grave site this week.

Tami Bush says someone has been stealing the flowers and memorabilia she leaves at his tombstone.

Summertime is always hard for Tami, as her son Ryan died in August of 2005.

"The months leading up, I start getting a little anxious," she said.

Tami says it took her five years to even put out a tombstone.

She slowly started to decorate Ryan's grave site with things he would have liked--proudly posting a picture a few weeks ago, only to get a call she never expected.

"My daughter came up to water the flowers, and she said 'mom, the flowers are gone; the shepherds hooks are gone,'" Tami said. "I suffer from depression, losing a child, and everything, and I just wanted to go crawl in bed, put the covers over my head."

Tami says it's not the first time things have been stolen from Ryan's grave, and she just can't understand why someone would do it.

"His picture's even on the stone, you know? You looked at his picture and you still took that?" she asked.

Tami thinks the problem could be solved if Oak Grove Cemetery closed the gate at night--something that Galesburg Police Chief Richard Mau says isn't that simple.

"Security does have a fence, however it's been rammed so many times we can't close it. But there's a hard time locking it and the fence doesn't go all the way around the property," Chief Mau said. "Everything comes with money and depending on if we can afford to totally secure the cemetery, probably we'd do that."

More than anything, Tami hopes the thieves will see this story, and know that something so simple as stealing a flower pot caused a suffering mom even more pain.
Grieving mom seeks return of items from son's grave site
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