How sequester would affect West Mich.

Updated: Wednesday, February 27 2013, 08:58 AM EST
How sequester would affect West Mich.  story image
NEWSCHANNEL 3 - With less than 48 hours until deep budget cuts known as sequester kick in, NewsChannel 3 is getting a clearer picture of how it could affect people here in West Michigan.
The automatic spending cuts are scheduled for Friday, but our own state government probably will not feel the impact for another month.
However, Michigan's budget chief told the Associated Press there still will be "real cuts for real people."

In particular here in Michigan, the cuts would include reduced aid to poor families with heating bills and to low-income pregnant women and young children needing healthy food.
Also on the White House's list of potential cuts for Michigan: 10,000 civilian Department of Defense employees could be furloughed.
Three-hundred teacher and aide jobs are also at risk statewide if we lose 42-million dollars in federal funding for education.  As many as 2300 Michigan kids could also lose access to Head Start programs.
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says budget cuts should come over the next decade, not now when they will likely hurt the economic recovery.

"It doesn't quite match to be doing tough policies today when the real problem is in the longer term problem," Bernanke says.

Michigan’s budget chief says the largest chunks of federal aid for our state are being spared from the cuts, things like Medicaid, food stamps and welfare.

Stick with NewsChannel 3 for the latest on the budget battle in Washington.

How sequester would affect West Mich.
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