Job fair in Kalamazoo draws big traffic

Updated: Sunday, February 17 2013, 01:40 PM EST
Job fair in Kalamazoo draws big traffic story image
KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - American Axle and Manufacturing in Three Rivers is looking to hire nearly 500 hourly factory workers.

The company is investing 100 million dollars during the next year.

They started hiring people in January and are bringing in 20 to 40 positions a week until August.

Corey Dean says he's been staying at his grandma's this week, because without a car he wanted to make sure he had a ride to Saturday's American Axle job fair.

"I'm just really, really nervous because I really, really want this job," said Dean.

Dean's been unemployed for several months now, but he's hoping he'll be one of the hundreds of people the manufacturing company is looking to hire.

"I've been doing odd jobs for people, shoveling snow, stuff like that just to make a few bucks to help out with my kids," said Dean.

Amy Hughes can relate as a single mom, she's already put in 1,000 applications.

"It's been hard. I walk up and down Westnedge and put in applications, I call temp services every Monday to see if they have anything," said Hughes.

By 11 a.m. Saturday morning, 350 people had already walked through the door at Michigan Works! in Kalamazoo hoping to get hired to work on a new all wheel drive system.

But Brian McDaniel, the Senior Labor Relations Manager for American Axle isn't saying who they're making the new drive system for.

"We're launching a new product for a new customer, undisclosed at this time, it's leading edge technology, new to the market place," said McDaniel.

And when asked if right-to-work legislation had anything to do with Saturday's hiring frenzy, McDaniel said, "At this point in time, we are a union facility, we have a bargaining agreement in place until 2017 at the Three Rivers facility, so at this time I'm not going to comment on Michigan right-to-work.

But for many of these people, they just want the chance to work, and earn a steady pay check.

"Hopefully something pans out," said Hughes.

If you missed Saturday's job fair, American Axle is still accepting applications.

Just click on this link for more information.

Also, this Tuesday, February 19, Michigan Works! will be holding an "Effective Resume" seminar.

It's from 2 until 4 pm at 1601 South Burdick St. in Kalamazoo.

Call ahead of time to make sure and get a spot.
Job fair in Kalamazoo draws big traffic
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