July 4th a busy holiday for Battle Creek Police

Updated: Saturday, July 5 2014, 11:19 AM EDT
July 4th a busy holiday for Battle Creek Police story image
BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - The holiday is a busy time for Battle Creek Police officers.

With the air show Friday night and the noise complaints and celebrating that come with the fourth, they stayed on the move.

Friday night, Newschannel 3 went out with police to see how they handled it.

Battle Creek Police had more officers on duty Friday night, mainly for the air show.

But those officers are also going to be used on the streets of the city as needed, as things get busy.

While it's always a busy night, it's also the start of the weekend.

Officers were out and responding to noise complaints, monitoring large block parties in the city to make sure they stayed under control.

At the same time, though, police have to respond to the routine calls that happen every day, like break-ins and traffic crashes.

Fireworks are legal to shoot Friday and Saturday, but there are limits.

"Are they intoxicated when they're doing it, are they impeding traffic? Are they shooting them at people, using them as weapons, at other people's houses? Where's the stuff landing?" said Officer Christopher Hug with Battle Creek Police.

Officers say several types of illegal fireworks that are being shot off in the city have also kept them busy.
July 4th a busy holiday for Battle Creek Police
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