New software alerts parents of children posing with guns

Updated: Thursday, February 28 2013, 08:46 AM EST
New software alerts parents of children posing with guns story image
NEWSCHANNEL 3 – There’s now a way to see if your child is doing something suspect on Facebook without actually "friending" them.

A new program called EyeGuardian could save kids’ reputations and possibly even lives.
The creators originally designed it to detect sexually explicit photos children may be posting of themselves on the Internet.

But now they've added a new element: gun recognition technology.

It’s in response to a disturbing trend sweeping the web, something called "Guns ‘N Poses."  With just the click of camera and the click of a mouse, children are posting pictures of themselves posing with guns.  And quite often, their parents have no idea.

“As parents we teach our toddlers not to play in busy streets, we teach them not to play with fire and then at 16 we give them classes on how to drive a car, but yet the average age of a first time smart phone owner is 11,” says Mitch Butler of ImageVision, the creators of EyeGuardian.  “We take them into the wireless store and then turn them loose to the ‘Wild Wild West,’ the ‘www.goanywhereyouwant’ and we don't teach them proper online behavior.”

The free EyeGuardian software allows parents to link up to their kids social media accounts. 

The program will scan a child's posts and if it comes across an image of a gun, it will “flag” it for the parent. 

The software even gives parents the scoop on which of their children’s friends may also be suspect of posting questionable images.

“What we're doing is providing the parents with information and then it's up to the parents to determine: Is this alarming to me? Do I need to have a conversation with my child?” Butler says.  “It creates that platform for dialogue to say: Why are you doing this?”

The parent needs to know the child's social media passwords in order to connect to EyeGuardian.
Once you're connected, you can choose to have a daily email alert sent to you instead of visiting the actual EyeGuardian website.  The alert will scan your child's accounts and provide a summary report of any questionable postings, including both guns and nudity.

For more information or to try out EyeGuardian, click here:

New software alerts parents of children posing with guns
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