NWS confirms tornado in Kent Co.

Updated: Monday, July 7 2014, 03:53 PM EDT
NWS confirms tornado in Kent Co. story image
KENT COUNTY, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - The National Weather Service has confirmed that an EF-1 tornado touched down in Kent County in Monday morning's storm.

The storm was confirmed at EF-1 at around 3:00 p.m., and saw winds of around 100 miles per hour.

The damage in Kentwood and Wyoming is extensive.

We've seen extreme damage all over Kentwood and Wyoming, but when we drove back here into the Industrial Park, our jaws just dropped.

Huge buildings, like Zeeland Truss, just collapsed and crumbled under the fury of those winds.

At what used to be a doggy daycare and training facility, winds ripped the walls right off and now it's just a heap of rubble.

"I am shocked, I am absolutely shocked that this happened right here," said neighbor Melissa.
The Well-Mannered Dog Center is now just a skeleton of a building. What used to house dogs is now home to debris and dangling pipes, all of it getting drenched. When the winds whipped through up to 70 dogs were caught up in the mess.
"Oh it must have been a nightmare this is open for boarding, they don't use kennels or crates," said Melissa. "The walls go down you have loose dogs everywhere."
Across the street Zeeland Lumber and Supply didn't fare much better. The storm crunched the roof like it was tinfoil.
"This is something I've never seen before in my career," said James. "We got no warning of this event, nothing."
The Wyoming Department of Public Safety says no sirens ever went off.

Seven people were hurt in the storms and at least 15 homes may be destroyed.
"You stand in total unbelief with that much damage," said Phil Wiltjer.
Phil Wiltjer owns Langley Plaza. All five businesses were ripped apart in an instant.
"It looks like a war zone back there," said Wiltjer. "You look at some of the walls, they're bent in. The laundromat is flooded, that water you see running there right now has been running since last night when this happened. I don't see how it can be repaired."

The National Weather Service said that the storm was what they called a "spin-up" tornado, as there was no sign of rotation on radar until it hit the ground.NWS confirms tornado in Kent Co.
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