Police reports of Jonetta Woods paint different picture

Updated: Wednesday, February 20 2013, 11:58 PM EST
Police reports of Jonetta Woods paint different picture story image
KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Newschannel 3 has been looking at reports that surfaced from police records concerning Jonetta Woods, who lost three children in a fire on Monday afternoon in Kalamazoo.

Woods has indeed shown up in a number of police reports, most notably a child neglect case from 2009.

The police report states that after hearing a baby crying for an hour, a maintenance worker got a key for Woods' apartment, and found her 1-year-old child home alone.

However, the claims were never substantiated, and Woods was never charged.

It appears as though this is the same child for whose custody Woods is now fighting.

The rest of the police reports Newschannel 3 went through have little or nothing to do with Woods' ability as a parent.

We found 20 total police complaints that involve Jonetta Woods in one way or another, dating back to 2007.

In most of them, however, she is simply a witness, or even the victim.

That is one reason her attorney said that, after Woods' custody hearing Wednesday afternoon that people need to wait a moment before discarding the grieving mother.

We found a report from last February, listing Woods as a victim of a larceny, where she says her purse and $2,000 in cash was stolen from her apartment.

In July, she filed a complaint stating that someone came into her apartment and stole her flat screen TV.

In 2008, a report lists her as a victim of assault and battery in a domestic violence situation stemming from a custody dispute where the father of one of her children allegedly pulled her hair and ran off with their child.

It's a reason why some, like Kalamazoo City Commissioner Stephanie Moore believe Woods has a history of being a victim, and that this situation is no different.

Woods is due back in court March 19th for another custody hearing.

She will be allowed supervised visits with her daughter until then.
Police reports of Jonetta Woods paint different picture
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