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Snow makes for perfect sled dog extravaganza

Updated: Saturday, February 16 2013, 11:41 AM EST
Snow makes for perfect sled dog extravaganza story image
AUGUSTA, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – All the snow falling in West Michigan is perfect for an event happening over in Augusta on Saturday.
The Mid-Union Sled Haulers, also known as MUSH, is hosting a sled dog extravaganza at Fort Custer Recreation Park.

The group wants to share the thrill of dog sledding with the public, through a “fun run” and series of demonstrations.

“People are excited to try it. A lot of times they’ve only ever seen it on TV so they have no idea what to actually do when they’re in the driver’s seat,” says Anne Hammond, a local dog driver. “We love sharing it with everybody. If you talk to anybody who owns a dog, the only thing they want to talk about is their dog and that’s us times ten usually.”

“It’s just total freedom, just me and my dogs out there in the woods,” says Marti Ellerby, a MUSH chairperson. “Everything is so quiet and peaceful. It’s just a lot of serenity.”

MUSH and other local groups like GLSDA, the Great Lakes Sled Dog Association, hold regular races, training sessions and get-togethers.

“If you have a dog in your house sitting on your couch looking at you, take it out, run it, hook it up. We can show you how to do it safely,” Hammond says.

Ellerby adds, “People don’t realize you can actually get into mushing with just one dog and you don’t have to put a whole bunch of money into it. It’s a really good opportunity to get outside and do something great this time of the year.”

The Michigan Youth Challenge Academy and Department of Natural Resources will be on hand to help out with the sled dog demonstrations.

The fun run begins at 9:30 Saturday morning at Fort Custer Recreation Park and is open to the public.

MUSH recommends bringing a camp chair and a dish to pass for a pot-luck around the bonfire.

For more information MUSH or on this event, click here.
Snow makes for perfect sled dog extravaganza
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