The National Weather Service in northern Indiana issues a HIGH WIND WARNING in Berrien county until 11 PM for 60 mph, or higher, wind gusts.  65 mph gusts have already been confirmed in Michigan City.  

A WIND ADVISORY remains for nearly all of West Michigan until 2 AM.  45 mph to 55 mph gusts are likely and have already verified.  Downed tree branches and some power outages are possible.  The wind direction is from the north, and winds will easily be sustained in the 25 to 35 mph range.  

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State lawmaker reintroduces bill to get guns in classrooms

Updated: Friday, February 15 2013, 07:09 PM EST
State lawmaker reintroduces bill to get guns in classrooms story image
(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Since Newschannel 3 covered Barry Township Police Chief Victor Pierce's effort to train volunteer teachers as reserve officers, he's heard from people around the state.

"A lot of parent support," Chief Pierce said. "They've been stopping here at the station on a regular basis."

Though it hasn't all been positive, he got at least one phone call that makes him believe change is coming.

Michigan House Representative Greg MacMaster has reintroduced legislation first introduced in 2007 after the Virginia Tech massacre--House Bill 4098.

The bill would allow each school district in Michigan to decide for itself if training and arming teachers and administrators is a good idea.

"If that gunman knows that teachers are going to be packing weapons as protection, he may not even go in at all," Rep. MacMasters explained.

After seeing video of Pierce's training, Rep. MacMasters contacted Chief Pierce.

"It's already receiving national attention," MacMasters said. "National Review is going to be coming to Michigan here next week, doing an interview with myself."

MacMasters added that the publication may also choose to interview Chief Pierce as well.

Pierce, for one, is happy to have thoughtful discussions, but says that letting what-ifs lead to inaction is not an option.

"You've got to move forward and think what is the best thing and if all I do is sit back and say, well, I'm worried about liability, then you know what, you shouldn't be a department head," Pierce said.
State lawmaker reintroduces bill to get guns in classrooms
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