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The National Weather Service maintains a WIND ADVISORY for nearly all of West Michigan from 10 AM this morning until 2 AM Saturday morning.  45 mph gusts are likely inland while 50 mph gusts are possible at the Lake Shore.  This kind of wind is capable of bringing down tree branches and creating some power outages.  Obviously, we hope that doesn't happen.  Winds blow from the northwest this morning then from the north by midday and beyond.  Stay with for your weather today and always!

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Where's the gorilla?

Updated: Thursday, March 7 2013, 01:47 PM EST
KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) -  A big grey gorilla is on the loose in Kalamazoo! But don’t panic: the scenario is really just a creative ad campaign by a local video game company.

Billboards have been popping up along major roads and highways near Kalamazoo over the past few months, featuring a crazed ape named Kongor.

Kongor is one of the characters in Heroes of Newerth, the online battle game developed by S2 Games in Kalamazoo.

“We make video games in Kalamazoo. We want people to know that but we also want people to know we're international so that's why he's on this adventure,” says Anna Daugherty of S2 Games.

S2 Games teamed up with Adams Outdoor Advertising to create a storyline that would reveal itself over time through billboards. 

The tale of Kongor began several months ago with a pair of giant ape hands literally busting through the screen. 

Then every few weeks, the billboards change to unveil the next twist in Kongor’s story.

“You’ll notice Kongor left a black background in one of the billboards as he escaped,” Daugherty points out. “In the next billboard, we decided we wanted to get him back to Kalamazoo, so we left him some bananas. In one of the following billboards he said he’d be back soon and he ate some bananas, sort of left little bites in them.”

Many of the billboards in high-traffic locations are “3-D” and include props like larger-than-life bananas made of fiberglass.

In the most recent series of ads, Kongor is sending back postcards from his travels around the globe.  But don't worry, he won't be gone forever.  In one of the postcard billboards, he writes, “I miss the nightlife in Kzoo.”

As for Congor’s next move, S2 Games is staying tight-lipped: “I wish I could give some secret hints,” Daugherty laughs, “but just be on the lookout for Kongor around Kalamazoo.”

There are currently 31 billboards along roads like US-131, I-94, Westnedge and Stadium Drive.

For more information on S2 Games, click here:  For more information on Adams Outdoor Advertising, click here:

Where's the gorilla?
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