Woman in custody after early morning hatchet attack

Updated: Wednesday, March 6 2013, 05:05 PM EST
Woman in custody after early morning hatchet attack  story image
WYOMING, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – A Wyoming woman is behind bars after police say she attacked her parents with a hatchet while they lay in bed.

The attack happened at their home on Freedom Street near Jefferson Avenue between midnight and 1:00 am Wednesday.

Remnants of police tape still linger at the scene Wednesday afternoon after police say an adult woman tried to kill her parents as they slept.

“Beautiful people, beautiful people,” said neighbor Annie Farmer.

Farmer told Newschannel 3 that you couldn’t ask for better neighbors than Skip and Pam Clark.

“I would think that anyone would enjoy having them as a parent,” said Farmer.

However, their daughter, 28-year-old Amber Wilson is now accused of attacking them with a knife and a hatchet.

“They woke up and there she was standing over them in the bedroom,” said Chief James Carmody, Wyoming Police Department.

Police say Wilson had been acting strange earlier in the week, but it’s not clear why Wednesday morning’s attacks occurred.

“That could have been really fatal,” said Farmer, “you’re asleep and somebody gets a clear whack at you.”

“The mother was struck first, the step-father intervened, was able to get the hatchet away from her, but then he was stabbed, she had a knife on her as well,” said Carmody.

Hurt, but intent on getting help, the couple got in a car and flagged down an officer a few miles away, prompting a stand-off at the home.

Officers kept the home surrounded for hours, but determined that Wilson had left before they arrived. She was arrested near 36th Street and Clyde Park around 10:15 Wednesday morning.

Farmer says Wilson’s step-father Skip never mentioned her having any behavioral problems.

“She was just always very quiet, come out have her cigarette, go back in, mind her own business,” said Farmer. “Now what goes on inside there, of course we wouldn’t know.”

Police are seeking warrants to charge Wilson with two counts of attempted murder. Woman in custody after early morning hatchet attack
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