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Homeowners look to clear off roofs during warm-up

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Some homeowners took advantage of warmer temperatures today to try and clear the snow off their roofs, in an effort to prevent leaks or collapses.

After Angie Weier was able to dig out the driveway and parking lot and reopen her daycare she knew the piles of snow on her roof could cause more problems.

"I could not believe how much was up there and I wasn't surprised once I started seeing that water come in," says Weier.

And like a lot of other people this week, it wasn't long before she had water dripping down inside.

"I had a bucket I had to use last night to catch the water and I knew I had to get on top of it because by the time this starts melting I'm probably going to get more water," says Weier.

Roofing company VanBecks has been going nonstop over the past two days both at businesses and homes, clearing snow, and making repairs.

"It can get heavy enough to fall through, we've got two feet of snow on a lot of roofs, some have three feet on themit's just that, it's heavy, it's like putting a couple cars on your roof, it's not good for it," says Bill Keeler with VanBecks Roofing and Siding.

He says the problems come from the weight of the snow but also from "ice dams," when ice traps water under shingles and that can leak into the house.

And now with rain predicted over the weekend he says this is your window of opportunity for snow removal.

"Right now with the rain on its way, you get it off, if you can get it off, get it off. If you have a low pitched roof especially its time to get it off because that snows gonna become heavy," says Keeler.