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Monster potholes forming on rural county roads

CALHOUN COUNTY, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) Were uncovering monster potholes.

The craters continue to expand across west Michigan.

But many in rural areas say their roads have been neglected for years, making potholes super-sized and dangerous.

A viewer recently sent in a picture showing a monster pothole on Hamilton Road in Bedford Township.

Doing some checking Friday, Newschannel 3 found hundreds of other craters just like it.

"Every year it seems to be a little worse," said Ron Balch, who lives across from the big pothole on Hamilton. 
He said the rural road hasn't gotten any attention from patching crews so far this spring.

"They fix them but then water sprouts under them and pops them out again. They grow bigger," Balch said.

There are similar problems on D Drive North in Emmett Township.

"38 years of living here and nothing has been done to the roads," said Jerry Stay, who lives on D Drive North.

Stay said over the years, D Drive has turned from a quiet residential street to a busy road.  

More traffic and harsh winters means big potholes forming, disturbing the peace in the neighborhood. 

"It rattles my house. Stuff rattles, walls shake, pictures on the walls," Stay said.  

On both D Drive and Hamilton Road, drivers have been dangerously darting around the potholes to avoid hitting them.

"Id hate to see a bad accident," Stay said. 

Neighbors said theyre very concerned about this and would like to see action on the potholes.
According to officials, the Calhoun County Road Department is responsible for the fixes.

But the supervisors of Bedford and Emmett Townships say funds have dried up after the long winter and they're making plans to fill in the gaps themselves.

The townships used to pay for 50 percent of the road repairs, but the county just bumped it up to 70 percent to cover the numerous potholes.

"Seems like they're doing it backwards by spot-patching these holes. Maybe resurface the entire road," Balch said.
Newschannel 3 contacted the Calhoun County Road Department for comment but has not heard back yet.

Bedford Township is planning a special community meeting at the township hall to discuss the pothole problem on June 2 at 6:30 p.m.

Emmett Township is planning a meeting for some time in August.