Until 10 AM

The National Weather Service issues a DENSE FOG ADVISORY for all of West Michigan until 10 AM.  Fog may linger in some locations until midday.  Light winds, ample moisture near the ground are encouraging the formation of dense fog.  Because temperatures are near freezing, a light coating of ice may form on some road surfaces making them slick.  Please keep it safe this morning as you head back to work and school.

Stay with for your weather today and always!

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West Michigan Weather

Dense Fog Through Midday ... Partial Solar Eclipse Near Sunset ... Few Showers Tonight & Tomorrow Morning ... A Shower Or T'storm Saturday Morning ... See You At Noon!


Thursday:  Dense fog through late morning and perhaps early afternoon in some lcatins.  Gradually turning partly sunny and a bit milder in the afternoon.  Highs in the middle 50s.  Winds SE-S 10-15 mph.   

Thursday Night:  Mostly cloudy with a couple of showers.  Fog develops and may become dense.  Not as cool.  Lows in the upper 40s.  Winds S 5 mph.   

Friday:  Areas of fog and a few showers.  Skies gradually turn partly sunny in the afternoon and milder.  Highs near 60.  Winds S-SW 10-20 mph.  

High School Football:  Partly cloudy and mild.  Temperatures fall through the 50s.  Winds SW-S 5-10 mph.  GOOD LUCK!

Saturday:  A few morning showers and perhaps a thunderstorm.  Skies turn partly sunny in the afternoon, milder, and windy.  Highs in the middle 60s.  Winds WSW 15-30 mph.  

Sunday:  Mostly sunny, cooler, and breezy.  Highs in the upper 50s.  Winds NW 15-25 mph.  

Monday:  Partly sunny, warmer, and breezy with a few showers or thunderstorms, especially north of Kalamazoo.  Highs near 70.  Winds S 15-25 mph.  


Hope you're having a nice morning thus far!  Fog continues to be dense in West Michigan and may last through early afternoon.  Plenty of moisture right near the ground alongside light winds are nurturing our fog.  The low, late October sun angle doesn't do us any favors either.  The area should trend partly sunny by early to mid afternoon with middle and upper 50s.  

A couple of showers materialize tonight and early Friday.  It's a situation where not everyone sees rain.  Already, it appears like another good setup for fog, which is likely to be dense again.  At least we won't have a pairing with frost thanks to warmer overnight lows in the upper 40s.  Friday eventually trends partly sunny as highs return to near 60 degrees.  

A cold front has enough ingredients to generate a shower or weak thunderstorm Saturday morning.  The intermediary, morning weather model runs are showing little in the way of significant rain, but it's worth keeping in your forecast as it is your weekend and Homecoming weekend for Western Michigan University.  Saturday afternoon is milder and windy with highs in the middle 60s.  Sunday is the coolest part of your weekend, but very sunny.  

Next Monday features an opportunity to flirt with 70 degrees.  Showers and thunderstorms are likely Monday night and Tuesday.  We're LIVE for News Channel 3 LIVE at noon, and we want your company!  We love socializing with you on #Twitter (@JPorterWWMT), Instagram (jporterwwmt), and Facebook.  Join us!