Louisville police: 1 child injured, high school evacuated after report of weapons on campus  LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - Police say one child has been injured and a high school has been evacuated after a report of weapons seen on the campus in Louisville, Kentucky.


West Michigan Weather

Stubborn Cloud Cover ... Warmer & Brighter Tomorrow ... T'storms Thursday Afternoon Through Friday


Tuesday Afternoon:  Mostly cloudy and chilly.  Highs in the middle to upper 50s.  Winds N 10-20 mph.  

Tuesday Night:  Lingering clouds and cool.  If any breaks arise, fog will develop and may become dense.  Lows in the middle to upper 40s.  Winds NE-E 5 mph.  

Wednesday:  Turning partly sunny and warmer in the afternoon.  Highs in the upper 60s.  Winds E-SE 10-20 mph.  

Thursday:  Partly sunny, warmer, and breezy with thunderstorms developing, mainly in the afternoon.  Storms may bring gusty winds and heavy rain, which continue Thursday night.  Highs in the middle 70s.  Winds SE 15-25 mph.  

Friday:  Rain with thunderstorms.  Rain will be heavy at times and breezy.  Highs in the middle 60s.  Winds SE-W 15-25 mph.  


Good afternoon!  Unfortunately, our clouds aren't going anywhere.  And the mercury?  Yeah, that's stuck in low gear too.  Mostly cloudy skies and middle to upper 50s define your afternoon and evening commute.  Clouds should hang tough tonight, but if they don't, fog may materialize and could become dense.  Lows reach the middle 40s.  

Wednesday is better in a number of ways thanks to resurgent sunshine and the warmer middle 60s.  Thursday is even warmer, but thunderstorms are on the table as soon as midday at the Lake Shore.  Thunderstorms should stay north of Kalamazoo for much of the day, but grow in coverage Thursday night and Friday.  1/2" to 1" of rainfall is reasonable, but some of the lunchtime weather model runs are wetter.  

Friday night through your weekend is chilly with intermittent showers as disturbances rotate through a large jet stream dip.  It appears we may not get out of the 40s Saturday.  Ugh!  Fall is apparently here and flexing its muscles.  

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