West Michigan Weather

Hail, Gusty Winds, & Heavy Rain Through Sunset ... More Showers Tomorrow ... Drier Thursday


Tuesday Afternoon:  Partly sunny, cool, and breezy with showers and thunderstorms developing.  Heavy rain, gusty winds, and small hail are possible.  Highs in the middle 70s, near 70 at the Lake Shore.  Winds WNW 15-25 mph.  

Tuesday Night:  Any evening thunderstorms end near or before midnight.  Drier and cool overnight.  Lows in the middle 50s.  Winds W 5 mph.   

Wednesday:  Partly sunny and a bit warmer with showers and thunderstorms, scattered in nature, developing in the afternoon.  Highs in the middle 70s.  Winds WNW 10-20 mph.  

Wednesday Night:  Evening showers and thunderstorms end then partly cloudy and not as cool as recent nights.  Lows in the upper 50s to near 60.  Winds WSW 5 mph.       

Thursday:  Partly sunny, warmer, and breezy with isolated, afternoon showers.  Highs near 80.  Winds WSW 15-25 mph.  

Friday:  Partly sunny.  Spotty showers redevelop once more, especially in the afternoon.  Highs near 80.  Winds S-NW 10-15 mph. 

Saturday:  Partly sunny and more humid.  Here and there showers and weak thunderstorms arise in the afternoon.  Heavy rain is possible.  Highs near 80.  Winds NE 10-15 mph.  


Good afternoon!  Showers are already developing on Live Doppler Radar, and there's a lot more where that came from for your evening commute.  Thunderstorms develop and bring heavy rain, hail, and gusty winds.  While we're not anticipating severe weather, a lone SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING isn't impossible because the freezing level is below 10,000 feet.  That's quite low for late July and more representative of a fall like pattern.  Speaking of feeling like fall, middle 70s are all we can muster by dinnertime.  

Showers fizzle near or before midnight paving the way for another round of cool low temperatures in the middle 50s.  Your Wednesday, like today, starts dry before showers and a few thunderstorms return.  This is mainly an afternoon event.  Hail and gusty winds aren't as likely, but heavy rain is possible.  Thursday is trending drier and warmer; highs reach 80 for the first time all week.  Friday and Saturday are similar days in that both include afternoon thunderstorms.  Sunday and Monday finally feel like early August as highs push into the lower and middle 80s.  Thunderstorms may not bubble up again until Monday night or Tuesday.  

Have a great afternoon, and make some time to check in with Chief Meteorologist Keith Thompson at 5 PM!