10 AM Until 2 AM Saturday

The National Weather Service maintains a WIND ADVISORY for nearly all of West Michigan from 10 AM this morning until 2 AM Saturday morning.  45 mph gusts are likely inland while 50 mph gusts are possible at the Lake Shore.  This kind of wind is capable of bringing down tree branches and creating some power outages.  Obviously, we hope that doesn't happen.  Winds blow from the northwest this morning then from the north by midday and beyond.  Stay with for your weather today and always!

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West Michigan Weather

WIND ADVISORY Starts At 10 AM: 45-50 mph Gusts ... Rain To Snow Around Your Lunch Hour ... Minor Accumulations Possible ... Clocks Go Back 1 Hour Saturday Night ... Join Us!


Halloween:  Super windy!  Rain, heavy at times, turns to snow showers around your lunch hour.  Minor accumulations of a coating possible in Kalamazoo ... northern Barry, Allegan, Eaton counties and northward: under a slushy inch.  Morning highs in the middle 40s then falling into the 30s this afternoon.  Winds NW-N 25-35 mph with gusts approaching 50 mph.  

Trick Or Treating:  Super windy!  Snow showers and quite cold.  Temperatures fall from the middle 30s to near 30 degrees.  Lows in the middle 20s.  Winds N 20-30 mph with 40 to 50 mph gusts.      

Saturday:  Hard freeze then mostly sunny, cold, and breezy in the afternoon.  Highs in the upper 30s.  Winds N 15-25 mph.  

Sunday:  Sun gives way to late day clouds.  Chilly.  Highs int he middle 40s.  Winds S 10-15 mph.  

Monday:  Partly sunny skies turn mostly cloudy with a late day shower developing at the Lake Shore.  Milder and breezy.  Highs in the middle 50s.  Winds S 15-25 mph.  

Tuesday:  Rain, heavy at times, and breezy.  Highs in the lower 50s.  Winds S-SW 15-25 mph.  


Good morning!  Happy Friday, and happy Halloween!  Given it's Halloween, why not weather that could be called "scary?!"  An area of low pressure will be crossing the Lower Peninsula this morning, bringing a chilly rain to our area.  As the low zips off to the southeast, a north wind will bring colder air, turning the rain to a rain-snow mix this afternoon.

A very strong area of high pressure will be filling in behind the low, and the tight pressure gradient (change in air pressure over space) between the two will bring fierce winds. A WIND ADVISORY has been issued for West Michigan from 10 am today through 2 am tomorrow. Gusts to 50 mph are possible, particularly along the Lakeshore.

For trick-or-treaters tonight, the weather conditions will be challenging -- and perhaps even hazardous. First, we could see a little slushy snow, making it a little more difficult for the children to navigate neighborhood streets. Second, the gusty wind will blowing leaves and debris around, possibly causing reduced visibility for drivers. The conditions may make it a little harder for those dressed in costumes to manuever. All factors combined could make it a bit more hazardous for children tonight. Remember to use extreme caution if/when driving tonight!

The precipitation ends late tonight, and as the strong high fills in behind, skies will clear. We're set for a sunny, but very cold weekend. Saturday will be the coldest day we've had in six and a half months! You have to go all the way back to mid April to find the last 20 degree morning. Bundle up!

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